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Hillview Urban Agriculture Center is the La Crosse community's source for education and resources to grow and eat healthy food.

I am delighted to introduce you to this local non-profit organization that, for the past nine years, has been an urban agriculture center with a mission to provide people in the La Crosse area with skills and resources to grow and eat healthy food, while building and advocating for a local food system that meets the needs of all community members.

We understand that one out of five children in our community lacks access to healthy food, that the three leading causes of death in La Crosse County are all food related, and that our environment is polluted by factory farm production and food waste. By building a strong community-based food system we benefit the physical health, social well-being, and vibrant economy of our community. Sounds like a big challenge, but we have a practical and holistic approach:

Building healthy soil with food waste in our Vermicomposting Center

Educating and inspiring people of all ages and abilities to grow food in our hoop house, greenhouse, and through education and special events

Preparing and preserving healthy food together through our Market Baskets classes

Collaborating to support a food system that serves all our community needs

Through your generous donations of time and/or dollars, you help us make a difference in our community. Whether it's a child holding a vermicomposting worm and thanking it for eating food waste, a senior mentor smiling while eating peas with a teen, a participant in a Market Baskets class declaring they do indeed like kale, or a community partner that works with us to build a stronger local food system, you are supporting us to achieve our mission. We can't do it without you!

Please join us and support our work for a healthier you and a more resilient community.